The life cycle of your digital content

Documents and other content or digital assets have a life cycle within organizations. This life cycle begins when new documents are created or received, and ends when they are finally destroyed or permanently stored. Proper management of content through every phase of its life cycle guarantees:

  • Preservation of the business’s information;
  • and the ability that companies have to make the most of this information.

There are five phases to a document’s life cycle:

  • Capture
  • Manage
  • Store
  • Preserve
  • Deliver

Athento helps you with the life cycle of your content.

Athento’s Smart Document Management helps businesses to automate processes related to the capture, management, storage and distribution of documents. What makes it different from other systems is that Athento gives companies the opportunity to count on an integrated ECM system, for all phases of a document’s life cycle.

With Athento, you can get the functionality of a document management system, plus all the functionality of a capture system and the ability to cover specific needs for distribution, preservation and Business Process Management (BPM), using modules.

Learn more about document life cycle and how Athento can help you cover it

Download the Athento dossier and learn all about:

  • The components of the life cycle of documents
  • What Enterprise Content Management is
  • The modules Athento contains to cover the phases of content
  • Why Athento is your best bet, compared to other software


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Smart, indispensable document management

Athento has been developed using modules. Its two main modules are the Capture module and the ECM module. These two modules, which are directly connected, were developed independently of each other and cover the phases of Capture, Storage, Management and part of Distribution. To cover other phases or areas, such as Business Process Management or Records Management, Athento gives users a platform that provides modular services which can be used to customize the tool.

Document Capture with Athento

Athento integrates cutting-edge technology such as Machine Learning, Semantics and Image Processing to automate related processes such as document capture. The Capture module can be installed in-house (in your business) or in the Cloud (on our servers).


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Document management with Athento ECM

The needs associated with document in the management, storage and distribution phases are covered by Athento ECM, which is a complete document management system. Athento’s ECM module can be implemented in-house (within your business) or in the Cloud (on our servers.)


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