The Andalusia Technology Park (PTA, in Spanish) is a space created for the location of businesses dedicated to production, advanced services and research and development. It has a surface area of 222 hectares, in which 600 businesses are located, with important names like Oracle, Anovo, ADIF, Vodafone, Huawei and Ripline among them. Currently, the PTA moves 7.5% of the GDP of the province of Malaga, and 1.5% of the GDP of the region of Andalusia.

All of this activity generates documentation which needs to be managed in a safe, smart way.

Luckily, the PTA has Athento: smart document management software which helps the Park to manage the information for most of its infrastructure.

By reading this case study, you'll learn:
  • How the PTA structures its documentation to manage it in an orderly, safe and efficient manner.
  • The technology options which are available to business parks when it comes time to manage their documentation.


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