A Hiring Process that’s 100% Digital

Hiring new employees is a paper-intense process and it's one that presents unique document management challenges, because it may have the participation of various parties and people:

  • Workers
  • Administration and/or HR departments
  • Professional managers or businesses in charge of dealing with contracts and government organizations
  • Government ministries and organizations
  • Temp agencies

In addition to the complexity of moving documentation among the various people and parties, we should add that documentation that’s created during the hiring process is sensitive, and should be kept under total control, as well making sure it’s kept in a centralized location.

Athento makes it possible for the various participants to share information digitally among themselves and, it also provides all of the advantages of document management system:

  • Versions of documents
  • A history of all the work on (and changes to) a document
  • Digital signatures
  • Government ministries and organizations
  • The ability to share information safely and through various channels, etc.
  • Centralized storage of all documents related to HR.

Discover the benefits of paper-free contract management

By downloading this success case, you’ll learn that there’s a more efficient way to manage contracts and documents related to your staff:
  • Workers can now supply documents in digital format.
  • All the documentation related to an employee, organized in case files.
  • We can avoid duplication of employee documentation.
  • By sharing documents that are in digital format, we make exchanging information between the business, the workers and any external agents easier to do.
  • We can control the validity of certain documents which may need to be renewed occasionally.
  • We can quickly access documentation at any moment, from any point.


What is Athento?

Athento is an Smart Document Management System that allows you to automate key processes of your business and also facilitates covering the whole lifecycle of your enterprise content.

Download case study (PDF)