Learn how codes recognition can help to validate documents

Many stores, wholesalers and businesses offer foreign citizens a “Tax-Free” shopping service: the option to buy and to be refunded sales taxes such as IVA, VAT, TBW or GST (the different value-added taxes collected by different countries). The method used to refund these taxes to foreign citizens before they return to their countries of origin is the use of checks which can be cashed or processed in airports.

Naturally, these checks have to be validated before the refund is carried out. Athento can make it possible for those checks to be validated automatically.

By reading this study case you will learn:

  • How code recognition can help to validate documents
  • How Athento extracts information from documents
  • What codes Athento recognizes
  • How Athento is able to communicate with other systems such as Alfresco or Navision.