Summary: Capture, log and archive incoming and outgoing correspondence of public institutions with a single application.

The Challenge

Many public entities still use paper to manage their incoming and outgoing correspondence. The problem with kind of management is that communications take too long to reach the official who must deal with them, when there are strict response times that must be met. Additionally, handling correspondence on paper runs a high risk of losing information, and all of the complications associated with paper-based documents: storage costs, deterioration of the documents, and so on.

The Solution

Scanning the institution’s correspondence is a a good first step to gain freedom from the complications that paper presents but it’s not enough. The documentation needs to be stored in an archival structure that gives context to the document, while automating any tasks that do not bring value to the work of the civil servant performing them. Athento makes all of this possible.

Athento Applies Intelligence to Correspondence Management in Public Entities